Who’da thunk we’d be fighting over masks?

Yes, these are Snapchat masks not real ones…

My reasons for not wearing a mask are simple.

  1. I am asthmatic.
  2. I have very sensitive skin, particularly on my face, which reacts to maaaaany things, including different materials, glues and when I move into (or from) a refrigerated aisle in a supermarket.
  3. I wear glasses and the masks I originally did have- and tried to use- made my specs steam up so I couldn’t see.
  4. I have been totally overwhelmed by all the patterns/ styles/ types/ cuts that my online shopping baskets are full of different variations.
  5. I have sensory problems.

Just because I am not wearing a mask does not…:

… make me disrespectful

I have found, and know MANY others feel the same, that people in a mask don’t then stick to other rules e.g. keeping a social distance. If I could have a giant stick to poke people as a reminder to keep a distance, I would be all on board with that (as long as it wasn’t making me unable to breathe).

… show I am trying to be a rebel

I don’t think I have a particularly rebellious bone in my body. I have followed all government advice to the letter… ask my friends, we have had disagreements over their lack of attention to the rules.

… make me more interested in fashion than health

I have never been one to dress in a super fashionable way… and I’ve been living in the same 3 pairs of loungepants and t-shirts since Lockdown began. As I mentioned before, there are so many different choices and patterns that they have become an amazing new accessory. There is nothing I love more than a clashing pattern, a mask would have been an excellent addition to my attire.

… mean I am ignorant to how bad the virus is

My dad is an NHS hospital worker. I get it. I have friends and family in Lombardy/ Veneto in Northern Italy and I have cried at the news most days. I have friends who have lost grandparents. I have had friends in hospital going through awful treatments alone. I have friends who had no physical interactions for over 2 months. I am not disputing the virus. I get it.

Some people can’t wear masks for their own health reasons.

This particularly hits me hard as I am asthmatic, have incredibly sensitive skin allergies and have sensory problems. I also wear glasses. I put a mask on the other day for the first time as I was needing to go to the shops. My glasses steamed up; I struggled to breathe within 30 seconds and had to take my inhaler; and when I removed the mask I had come out in a rash immediately all over my cheeks.

The other rules people don’t seem to care about… but tick me off

  1. Social distancing

Everyone gets annoyed… but people are managing things in different ways.

These are my pet peeves and my own judgements… but am I going up and screaming at people in the street. NO!

Who am I to judge? Who are YOU to judge?

P.S. I have ordered a range of masks in different materials/ sizes which I am hoping I will be able to use to go to the shops and see my friends. If I can’t find one, then I will continue to go on as I currently am in Lockdown.

Freelance writer and editor. Travel. Lifestyle. Education. I write personable and easy-to-read content.

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